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Dog Bite Liability Policies

Dog bite liability lawsuits are a reality today. Unfortunately, many good natured dogs are lumped in with aggressive dogs by breed. Homeowners or landlords may not be aware that liability coverage may be excluded for the following breeds: Doberman, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Pitbull, Staffshire Terrier, Akita, Chow, Presa Canario, German Shephard, to name a few or any dog with a prior bite history. While we don’t provide these policies directly, we’ve learned there is a need for them, as many carriers are now turning to “excluding coverage” rather than allowing more dog bite liability lawsuits to pile up. Landlords and homeowners should take note of these breeds to avoid being caught in the middle of a lawsuit. Also, the above list is not comprehensive. If you have a specific breed your concerned with, please check with your insurance agent or carrier and ask if the breed is excluded from coverage on your specific policy.

Many insurance carriers are now excluding insurance liability coverage for lawsuits related to certain breed dog claims.  Property owners or home owners can be left holding the bill in these unfortunate circumstances.  Fortunately, new liability policies have become available.  Our agency does not offer these policies directly, but the below link will provide contact info and quoting access to find out how much a dog liability policies will cost.